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e of GMO maize ▓of type MON 810 produced by U.S. seed giant Monanto. Aigner stated she would make a new review of an application for open-air trial cultivation of the GMO potato Amflora developed by German group BASF鈥攚hich is not yet involved in commercial plantings. ▓Related stories:BEIJING, Dec. 15 -- Scientists may have figured out one reason some people ▓reach for

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the french fries instead of an appl▓e. It could be a gene that's been linked to an increased risk of obesity. A study of children found those with a common variation of the gene t▓end to overeat high-calorie foods. They ate 100 extra calories per meal, which over the long term can put on weight,▓ said Colin Palmer, who led the study at the University of Dundee in Scotlan

d.The findings don't mean that everyone ▓with that version of the gene will eat too much and ▓become obese, he said. They just might have a tendency to eat more fattening foods."It's still your choice," he said. "This gene will not make ▓you overweight if you do not overeat." P▓almer said

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vailability and low cost of high-calorie foods. The research is published in Thursday's N▓ew England Journal of Medicine. Last year, scientists disc▓overed the gene, named FTO,

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was linked to obesity but they didn't know why. Most of the other genes thought to affect body weight influence appetite.

Palmer and his colleagues wanted to know if

the FTO gene also had to?/p>

?do with eating behavior, or whether it involved how the body burns calories. They studied ov▓er 2,700 Scottish children

ages 4 to 10 and put a▓ group of them through extensive tests. Nearl▓y two-thirds of the children had at least one

copy of the gene variant, about the same proportion found in last year's study of m▓ostly white Europeans. That study f

o▓und that those with one copy of the gene variant had a 30 percent increased risk of obesity, and carriers of two copies h

ad almost a 70 percent increased risk. The gene variation is also foun▓d in other populations; the frequency in Chinese is about half that of Europeans. After confirming the obesity link in the

larger Scottish group, the researchers examined 97 of the children. They took a number of measurements, includi▓ng body fat and metabolic rate. The children were g▓iven three meals at school to evaluate their e▓ating behavior. The meal included

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a mix of fruits and vegetables, ham, cheese, potato chips, chocolate candies and bread rolls. The researchers found that childr

en with the gene variation showed no differe

nce in metabolic rates, levels of

physical activity or the amount of food eaten. "The only thing we could find was the fact that they

were eating much richer foods," sa▓id Palmer. On average, those with the gene variant ate 100 calories

more than those without it. ▓Dr. Rudolph Leibel, an obesity resea▓rcher at Columbia University in New Yo

rk, s▓aid getting good measurements of how much someone eat▓s is difficult, but the Scottish study did it in a cl▓osely controlled manner. He said the ov▓ereating may be driven more by the need for calories than a preference for fatty foods. Fat is just a good way to get thos

e extra cal▓ories. "Bite for bite, there are more calories in a Big Mac than there are in an apple▓," said L

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